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Please Print this page and fax it to 972/233-0395 attention finance. If you prefer email you can copy and paste the following questions to the body of your message and email it to

Vanguard Credit Application : Please fill this form out if you're interested in getting pre-approved for credit. We have contacts and representatives at local and national banks and credit unions. If you're in the USA and want a car or truck, we're going to help you! All information received will be kept personal and confidential. It will not be given out without your express permission

Vanguard Credit Application

Full Name:

What is your current address: Include City and State

How long have you lived at this address:

What is your social security number:

What is your date of birth:

What is your home phone number:

Do you own or rent a home:

What is your monthly rent or payments:

What is the full Name and address of your employer: Include City and State

What is your position or job with the company:

How many years have you worked for this company:

What is your annual gross salary:

What is your work number:

Name of the bank you have a checking or savings account with:

I give permission for the Vanguard to check my credit.

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